The Healthy Movement Masterclass

Presented by Dr Sarah Mottram

Discover A 3-Step System That Helps People 

With Persistent Pain Move More Freely 

And Get Back To Doing What They Love

In this Masterclass I’ll share: 

  • How people can start to move their bodies with greater ease … even when other things haven’t worked in the past
  • ​​Why commonly prescribed treatments often only help relieve symptoms or mask the root cause… but don't stop it coming back. Plus, what can be done about it
  • A new scientific discovery that is helping people unlock their healthy movement. What it is and how it works
  • Is it really possible to move with ease even if pain has been there for years? My clients say yes. Here’s how I helped them
  • A science-backed strategy, that's helping people move with more confidence again so they can get back to doing what they enjoy

This is best for people looking for healthy movement 

who are ready to get

back to doing the things they love.

About your host

Dr Sarah Mottram has worked with 1000s of people and is best known for helping them move away from pain by regaining their healthy movement. She helps them to re-engage with the things they love and have a lifetime of activity. Sarah works with people to identify their challenges and creates tailor-made pathways so they can live life on their terms. 

For the last 25 years Sarah has studied and researched movement science and is a world-class movement mentor. (She is the author of 30 plus academic papers on healthy movement). She is passionate about changing quality of life through science and the art of retraining healthy movement. Sarah has a deep and insightful understanding of how movement can and does influence quality of life. This is the natural evolution of her extensive international experience and expertise.

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