Healthy Movement Consultations

with Dr. Sarah Mottram from
The Movement Works

Two 45 minutes consultations (2 for 1) designed to help people in pain discover the links

between movement, pain and a whole-person approach

2 for 1 £295

Looking to move away from pain?

In these two 45 minutes consultations take time to explore with Sarah The Empowered Thinking Way to move away from pain.

This ground-breaking approach to moving away from pain gives a deeper understanding of:

  • Our bodies and pain

  • What is influencing our healthy movement

  • Enhancing a whole-person approach

  • Practical strategies to build awareness and insights into finding healthy movement

  • Moving better in the everyday.

Sarah's approach is science backed. Based on research in the proven principles and science of how we move, process pain and the connection between mind and body.

Plus her years of experience and expertise in helping people out of pain.

You'll learn some foundational tools to help you understand your movement in the everyday.

This is people who are:

Fed up living with aches and pain

Know another trip to a practitioner is not the answer

for the long term

Want to move from powerless and reliant on others, to powerful and reliant on self.

Take this opportunity to explore a different way.

Dr. Sarah Mottram
Creator of The Movement Works

We are more powerful and influential over our bodies and pain than we realise.

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